i regret not being able to express my feelings and i think this time it actually cost me someone i really care for. from now i am going to open up and not be so afraid to get hurt; at least i won't have to live with a spirit of regret.

words of advice: 'live each day like its your last and don't be afraid to take risks...you may never get another chance to'


ain't nothing like them summer nights.

'In every girls life; there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began.'

'Summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.'

ahh. i love summer '10.


chain sunglasses. pink. chanel. cassie. love.

coco chanel. iphone. pink & gold. &&cassie :)<333



I think I finally understand why they say that you "lose" your virginity. I always thought that was a dumb expression. It makes it sound like your virginity was this special, sacred thing you were supposed to guard with your life. When to me... the fact that I'd never had sex was like... a flashing neon sign saying, "Ugly loser" hanging over my head. I was trying to "lose" it. Hell, for a couple of years there, I was trying to throw it at anyone who gave me a second look.

But now, I mean... I do feel like I have lost something. Not my purity or innocence or any of that... dogmatic bullshit. I've lost... the walls I built to protect myself from feeling... this. I've lost the ability to distance myself from the rest of the lowly humans... my position of self-deprecating superiority that let me live without hope for all those years...

I lost my isolation. I let you in. And I gave you the power to hurt me.

See, I want to be a cat. Because... most cats are very independent creatures. They can be domesticated, but, for the most part, they don't really act like pets as much as they act like caged predators. They fend for themselves. And sometimes, sometimes, when they want you to give them a little affection, they crawl into your lap, and they purr, and they let you pet them, and love them. And then, after a little while, they get sick of you, and they scratch you, and they jump up and they run away. Cats are fierce. Cats get what they need from you, and then they just move on.

I'm not a cat. I'm a dog. Dogs are not independent. Dogs love you, pretty much unconditionally. They are so loyal, it defies all logic. Dogs need you, and they let you know that they need you. They need you to love them. They cry when you leave in the morning, and they jump for joy when you come home at night. They always want your attention. They can't get enough of your love.

I don't want to be a dog. But I am. I think I always will be.



lookbook.nu: BOMB website!

a taste of lookbook.nu:

REAL people; REAL life; REAL style.


thursday, july 8th 2010, Lebron James decided to end his 7-year run with the Cleveland Cavaliers and relocate to South Beach, Florida, to play with the Dwayne Wayne and newly acquired Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat. Many Cleveland fans are disappointed with his decision, but it's just that: HIS decision. Why should he want to stay in a city where the owner has not only bashed him, but has not even tried to build a team around him. You can't be a championship contender with only one player who is still in his prime and is healthy. I'm excited for the new season and I wish Lebron James the best of luck next season.



flower power.

current obsession: floral shorts

i am in love love love with floral shorts. they're perfect for the spring and summer heat and they're also easy to dress up or down.

---'and the weather so breezy, man why can't life always be this easy'