real speak.

Today We Belong To A Society Where So Many People Believe They Have To Be Someone They Aren’t To Conform To Society’s Idealistic Expectations. No One Is Proud To Stand Out Or Make A Difference. I Have Gone Through Phases Were I Wanted To Be Like Everyone Else Too, But Now I Am On Journey To Redefining Myself, My Style, And Affirming Who I Am.

‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I possess the same broad nose as Coretta Scott King, warm brown skin as Maya Angelou, full lips asAngela Davis, and thick brown hair as Harriet Tubman. I am strong just like these prominent women, and through faith I know I can conquer anything. I crave to be respected and believed in and I aspire to let no one make me feel inferior without my consent. Despite what others may think, I am powerful and strive to be the best in this demanding world.’

---shelby lenae alfred

Stand Out. Be Unique. Be Yourself. Affirm Who You Are And Truly Learn To Love The Skin You’re In.



#relationships [tip one]

I Grew Up Thinking Relationships Would Be Like Cliff And Clair Huxtable Off Of The Cosby Show, But It’s Easy To See That ‘teen love is all about attraction and lust, hardly ever love’ ((ashlan M.))

A Good Relationship Is Based On Maturity. You Have To Be A Mature Enough Person To Trust Someone Or Be A Trustworthy Person. You Also Have To Be A Mature Enough Person To Like Someone For More Than Just Their Looks.

'Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.'

Mature love says: 'I need you because I love you'
--erich fromm;



---this is dedicated to fatima.
My Mother Use To Always Tell Me That When I Went Away To College That I Would Truly Find Out Who My Real Friends Were. I Didn't Know What She Meant Until Right Now. Things Have Changed Since I Left, Especially My 'Friends'; Except This One Chick. I Can Honestly Say I Have Been Blessed With One Of The Best Friendships On Earth. Anything I Need, No Matter The Day Or Time, I Know I Can Count On Her.

“i’m still riding with my main bitch; she rolling the joints something old school playing’ -khalifa
has been there since pre-ib english II, second semester: first period: second floor: Lamar High School.

i may not say it alot, but you mean alot to me and i can honestly say this is my best friend forever. i look up you alot, and I really do aspire to be as great a person as you.

--shelby lenae alfred <33



current obsession:
coco chanel quilted bags and chain sunglasses.

quote of the day: ‘the motivation for me, is them telling me what i could not be—jay.z/pharrell’

--shelby lenae alfred <33