marilyn monroe.

she's so beautiful. geeesh.



definition of high fashion <333



iphone.pink laptop. duplicate chainglasses. pink make-up bag.
all i need is the chanel earrings and perfume(:


model behavior.

my favorite model. JORDAN RICHARDSON. 19 years old. fushion model management. i love her beautiful BROWNskin and natural hair. BEAUTIFUL.



everyone loves a classy girl.

H&M Dress, Chanel Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Heels
add a simple black clutch and a simple black pairs of heels to any dress to give off a classy vibe. finish off with a pair of stud earrings and a simple up-do.


show out.

make-up essential: nude lipstick.

Q:How do I make nude lipstick look sexy on me?
A:Pick a color that works with your skin tone so you won’t look washed out, advises makeup artist Mylah Morales. “Stay within two shades of your natural skin tone,” says Morales. “Girls with fair complexions should look for pinker nudes, while those with darker skin should go for a beige undertone. A pop of pink or peach blush plus bronzer keeps the face vibrant.”

'nude pink lips are pretty and look good with most skin tones'


...won't let me down.

in need of retail therapy; its the only thing that makes me feel better.
maybe if i jumped off a cliff and died, than someone would care about me?



when all i saw was sadness and i needed answers, no one heard me, except God. so when i'm asked who i give my unconditional love to, i look for no other name, except God'

'I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing.
Through every dark night, theres a bright day after that.
So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up.... and handle it.'


whenever whatever wherever.

combat boots. open toed heels. pumps. lace ups.

shoes.shoes.SHOES GALORE.

"A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.” -Anonymous


pink. flowers. stripes.

pink VI jordans.
= love.


new releases.

marsha ambrosius, former member of the duo floetry, releases her brand new single "hope she cheats on you"
i give this song FIVE stars.

TAKERS features an ensemble cast: paul walker, matt dillon, idris elba, chris brown, michael ealy, hayden christensen, zoe saldana, t.i., and jay hernandez.
File:Takers poster.jpg
i give this movie TEN stars.


live fast, dress pretty.

chanel.louie v.hk.nylon magazine.[the good life]



Now looking back on it all, it seems like I had learned everything I needed to know about life by the time I was sixteen. The problem was, I somehow forgot it all. Maybe if I could explain it to someone else; capture it all this way, and keep it folded up, filed away in a corner of my mind, I could keep from having to repeat the same mistakes.

There was drama, there was conflict... but for the most part, I was incredibly happy. I was happy because I had my friends, and I had love.

But high school ended, one day at a time. Months and years passed, and I grew more distant from each of my friends. Various people flew in and out of my life. I lost some friends to distance, some to circumstance. Mostly, they just drifted away from me, toward their own lives. A few of these people are still in my life, and I'm very lucky, because not everyone still has a friend who knew them when they were seventeen.

It wasn't exactly knowledge I had back then. It was just the sort of naïve wisdom that comes from growing up with people, having their lives become entwined in yours. And then one day, you realize that, even though in some ways, you're still connected, in another way, all the strings have been cut. I still love those people, who helped me define myself, but... it isn't the same. Everything is probably just as it should be, and yet... it can never be the way it was then.


who rocked it better.

who do you think rocked it better?


and it's just the beginning.

everyone loves a girl in a classy black dress.


...you know how i put it down'

texas rapper bun b released 'TRILL OG', his third solo album, on August.3.2010. Debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200, Trill OG has already seen a rare 5 star rating from Source Magazine.

Tracks on repeat: put it down feat. Drake, riding slow feat. Slim Thugga and Play-N-Skillz

everytime i come around...'


...'see and i want it, like and i buy it'

buy me these items and i shall love you for an ETERNITY,


i love boobies.

keep-a-breast is a program implemented to spread breast cancer awareness to young people and expose them to the methods of prevention, early detection, and support. read more at : http://www.keep-a-breast.org/.

support keep-a-breast at Zumiez by purchasing t-shirts and bracelets in various patterns and colors.



sometimes it takes a life threatening situation to make your realize how fortunate you are and how grateful you should be to get to see another day. i am TRULY thankful that God has shown His mercy upon my life and has blessed me despite my wrong doings! i am blessed and highly favored and i will FOREVER thank God for his gratefulness.
'There is a song down in my heart
Down in my soul
One that I and only I could ever know
A song that, that even the angels cannot sing
I have been redeemed'



fall trends via delia*s.

essential items for this fall: combat boots. floral dresses. messenger bags. blazers. oxfords. lace. jeggings. natural colors.



people tend to call me nice, complicated, and crazy. i will sacrifice everything for the ones i love. its hard for me to trust people, and i build up a wall between most people so i don't get hurt. i love to smile and laugh, and i hate negative vibes. i'm me and you can love me or hate me, but i won't change for anyone.



i regret not being able to express my feelings and i think this time it actually cost me someone i really care for. from now i am going to open up and not be so afraid to get hurt; at least i won't have to live with a spirit of regret.

words of advice: 'live each day like its your last and don't be afraid to take risks...you may never get another chance to'


ain't nothing like them summer nights.

'In every girls life; there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began.'

'Summer's filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.'

ahh. i love summer '10.


chain sunglasses. pink. chanel. cassie. love.

coco chanel. iphone. pink & gold. &&cassie :)<333



I think I finally understand why they say that you "lose" your virginity. I always thought that was a dumb expression. It makes it sound like your virginity was this special, sacred thing you were supposed to guard with your life. When to me... the fact that I'd never had sex was like... a flashing neon sign saying, "Ugly loser" hanging over my head. I was trying to "lose" it. Hell, for a couple of years there, I was trying to throw it at anyone who gave me a second look.

But now, I mean... I do feel like I have lost something. Not my purity or innocence or any of that... dogmatic bullshit. I've lost... the walls I built to protect myself from feeling... this. I've lost the ability to distance myself from the rest of the lowly humans... my position of self-deprecating superiority that let me live without hope for all those years...

I lost my isolation. I let you in. And I gave you the power to hurt me.

See, I want to be a cat. Because... most cats are very independent creatures. They can be domesticated, but, for the most part, they don't really act like pets as much as they act like caged predators. They fend for themselves. And sometimes, sometimes, when they want you to give them a little affection, they crawl into your lap, and they purr, and they let you pet them, and love them. And then, after a little while, they get sick of you, and they scratch you, and they jump up and they run away. Cats are fierce. Cats get what they need from you, and then they just move on.

I'm not a cat. I'm a dog. Dogs are not independent. Dogs love you, pretty much unconditionally. They are so loyal, it defies all logic. Dogs need you, and they let you know that they need you. They need you to love them. They cry when you leave in the morning, and they jump for joy when you come home at night. They always want your attention. They can't get enough of your love.

I don't want to be a dog. But I am. I think I always will be.



lookbook.nu: BOMB website!

a taste of lookbook.nu:

REAL people; REAL life; REAL style.


thursday, july 8th 2010, Lebron James decided to end his 7-year run with the Cleveland Cavaliers and relocate to South Beach, Florida, to play with the Dwayne Wayne and newly acquired Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat. Many Cleveland fans are disappointed with his decision, but it's just that: HIS decision. Why should he want to stay in a city where the owner has not only bashed him, but has not even tried to build a team around him. You can't be a championship contender with only one player who is still in his prime and is healthy. I'm excited for the new season and I wish Lebron James the best of luck next season.