---this is dedicated to fatima.
My Mother Use To Always Tell Me That When I Went Away To College That I Would Truly Find Out Who My Real Friends Were. I Didn't Know What She Meant Until Right Now. Things Have Changed Since I Left, Especially My 'Friends'; Except This One Chick. I Can Honestly Say I Have Been Blessed With One Of The Best Friendships On Earth. Anything I Need, No Matter The Day Or Time, I Know I Can Count On Her.

“i’m still riding with my main bitch; she rolling the joints something old school playing’ -khalifa
has been there since pre-ib english II, second semester: first period: second floor: Lamar High School.

i may not say it alot, but you mean alot to me and i can honestly say this is my best friend forever. i look up you alot, and I really do aspire to be as great a person as you.

--shelby lenae alfred <33

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