real speak.

Today We Belong To A Society Where So Many People Believe They Have To Be Someone They Aren’t To Conform To Society’s Idealistic Expectations. No One Is Proud To Stand Out Or Make A Difference. I Have Gone Through Phases Were I Wanted To Be Like Everyone Else Too, But Now I Am On Journey To Redefining Myself, My Style, And Affirming Who I Am.

‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I possess the same broad nose as Coretta Scott King, warm brown skin as Maya Angelou, full lips asAngela Davis, and thick brown hair as Harriet Tubman. I am strong just like these prominent women, and through faith I know I can conquer anything. I crave to be respected and believed in and I aspire to let no one make me feel inferior without my consent. Despite what others may think, I am powerful and strive to be the best in this demanding world.’

---shelby lenae alfred

Stand Out. Be Unique. Be Yourself. Affirm Who You Are And Truly Learn To Love The Skin You’re In.


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